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Pre-Birth Parenting: 2554 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 509, Marina del Rey, CA 90291.
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Knowing The Unborn (Video)
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March, 1989
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This 29 min. video is based on interviews the two authors/producers conducted at the III International PPPANA Congress in San Francisco last year. It is an excellent introduction to the subject of the amazing unborn and the communication that exists between him/her and pregnant mother. It is surely a reflection on the quality of this video that it is already being used in:

* Lamaze classes

* LAC/USC childbirth classes (the largest OB service in the country)

* A crisis pregnancy agency

* A state health department in its training of RNs who teach childbirth classes

* The substance-abuse pregnancy clinic of another large public OB service

* Family life education program in parochial schools

I recommend it highly for both lay and professional groups.