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A & M Records of Canada, Scarborough, Ontario
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Love Chords
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Publication Date: 
December, 1986
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The selections of classical music on Love Chords which is available in both casette and record forms and comes with a Pregnancy Guide are based on four years of research by both authors. The record features the works of Baroque and post-Baroque composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann, etc. particularly their slow movements.The effect of this music on the listener is to induce in them an alpha state, a state of attentive relaxation best suited for learning. Consequently, listening to the music will facilitate communication between parents and their unborn children. The music is meant to act as an emotional bridge between the pregnant mother, father, and unborn child and later newborn and infant.

The Pregnancy Guide provides practical, easy to follow exercises and suggestions for a conscious pregnancy.

Both "Heartsongs" and "Love Chords" are beautifully packaged and would make ideal gifts for pregnant parents. While the former teaches parents how and what to sing to their babies, the latter presents classical music without any spoken language. Therefore, the two works may be used in conjunction with each other to fully enhance the development of the unborn.