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Traverse City, MI: Single Eye Publishing, 1997. $14.95. ISBN 0-9654970-0-3 (Phone orders: 1-888-929-9150).
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Love Letters Before Birth and Beyond
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March, 1997
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Mary Knight kept a diary of 38 love letters she wrote to her baby during pregnancy and the first weeks of young motherhood. They remained quietly stored away for 16 years until she had the vision to share them as a means of inspiring other pregnant mothers to begin a journal of their own. These "letters," at first addressed to the unborn baby, reveal a gamut of thoughts and feelings and constitute a rich model for the inner work of pregnancy. The letters show how to establish a personal line of communication at an early stage of pregnancy.

Readers will marvel at both the innocence and courage of this authentic chronicle of a woman's honest emotions from discovery of pregnancy through the birth and postpartum period. This mother allows us to look inside where fear and passion dwell side by side, where clarity of focus is achieved through earnest self-expression, and inspiration arises from faithful dialog with the soul that is taking up residence within. Mary knows how to bless a baby with both affection and respect. At every step she accepts the baby within as a sentient, receptive companion.

But these touching letters are not an end in themselves. They are to entice mothers to begin writing their own letters, establishing their own lines of communication with the babies they are carrying inside. To make it easy, there is an introduction on How to Keep a Mother's Journal. In addition, each letter is accompanied by a page of "Journal Starters," lots of ideas to make writing irresistible. And if you don't happen to be pregnant yourself, buy a few of these books to give out to those who are.