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Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books. 225 pages. Paperback. ISBN: 1-55643-264-X.
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The Mind of Your Newborn Baby(3rd edition, 1998)
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March, 2000
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I wish I could send this book to every parent-to-be! The arrival of this book is great news! This is the long-awaited tenth anniversary edition of Dr. Chamberlain's 1988 classic, Babies Remember Birth. In paperback format and enriched with a new last chapter this book has the potential to revolutionize the way we look at babies both before and after birth.

Part I is filled with user-friendly information about the mind and abilities of newborns, as well as a thorough look at their development before birth. Parts II and III present evidence that babies do remember birth and are very much aware of the people around them at that time. There are many amazing stories of labor and birth-from the baby's point of view.

Chamberlain writes: "Birth memories indicate that babies have an identity of their own; their parents don't give it to them. They act mindfully and build experience around a central core of self."

The new last chapter is worth the price of the book all by itself. Dr. Chamberlain writes compellingly about the newborn's sensitivity, awareness, and vulnerability. He emphasizes the importance and power of the infant-parent connection during pregnancy and after birth.

When the information in this book becomes common knowledge, we will look at our children with new respect and understanding.