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Prima Publishing, Rocklin, CA. $17.00 (916-632-4400). ISBN: 0-7615-0795-7
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Nine Glorious Months; Daily Meditations and Reflections for Your Pregnancy (1997)
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Publication Date: 
March, 1998
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Any pregnant woman who desires a daily opportunity to connect with her changing body and rapidly growing baby will enjoy this book. Leclaire poetically weaves together descriptions of fetal development with inspiring affirmations and reflections for each week of pregnancy, providing a warm avenue for creation of positive images.

Following the daily description or pregnancy insight, one is guided to specific questions for contemplation and journeying. These 13 core reflective questions are repeated cyclically throughout the book. For example: today I want to avoid; today I want to address; today my need is; today my intuition is.

Each daily journal area ends at the bottom of the page with today's note to my baby. This bottom page location ideally enables one to quickly scan their messages to their baby for themes and insights. Daily page sidebars envelop a range of poetry excerpts which again stimulate pregnancy and creation imagery.

Sadly, once cultivating stimulation of the pregnant reader's musing and creativity; the book provides very limited space for its expression. This lack of journaling and drawing space is especially evident in the labor/delivery recording area at the end of the book.

Pregnant women desiring a less structured approach can pick and choose the daily excerpts which match then· needs for that particular day. It is also feasible that the father/partner could explore and use this book.

All in all this book would be a loving and nurturing gift for any newly pregnant family.

Teresa Robertson RN, CNM, MSN

Boulder, Colorado