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New York, Fireball Production, 1994. $19.95.
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The Nurses of St. Vincent: Saying No to Circumcision. VHS Video
Publication Date: 
March, 1995
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This new evocative VHS film by Fireball Productions is an excellent addition to your library as a his/herstoric documentary for it chronicles the drama of the conscientious objectors to genital mutilation at a New Mexico Hospital. Half of the nurses working in Labor and Delivery at this Santa Fe Hospital organized themselves and together informed the staff that they wouldn't be assisting in circumcision surgeries anymore. Several nurses share how they came to the realization that circumcision was unconscionable, particularly like the story of how one nurse's dreamtime experience was her wake up call to protect the babies. For many years I have counseled health care providers to stop performing this mutilation as well as educating parents about the traumatic effects of circumcision. So it is a relief to see an entire group coming to this action together! This film belongs in every childbirth educator or midwife's library and needs to be shown in every community!! The film concludes with a close-up of circumcision so that parents making an informed choice can know what the actual "procedure" called circumcision is. Through special arrangements with the filmmaker Barry Elsworth, the videos are offered at close to cost in order to get this movie distributed to everyone willing to know the truth. Please help by gifting your local schools and family life educators with this movie.