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Freestone Publ. Co., P.O. Box 989, Monroe, Utah 84754, 1986.
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Prenatal Yoga & Natural Birth
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October, 1987
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This new edition of "Prenatal Yoga and Natural Birth" illustrates an intimate personalized journey into the childbirth experience. Jeannine Pavati Baker, a world renowned midwife has ritualized this experience through the use of gentle movements, sound and meditations. She has provided a variety of postures and their transitions so that each woman can choose the most effortless and efficient way of executing these movement sequences for her own particular body structure. It is important to read the physiological description of the exercises as well as looking at the photographs for the best inner alignment.

The exercises in this book can be used as a guide to approach childbirth consciously through the practice of prenatal yoga based on a synthesis of a traditional discipline and natural childbirth experience to integrate the soul in the body.

Beverly Stokes

Toronto, Canada