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Radiant Heart Press, 520 Ridge Rd., Munster, Indiana: Radiant Heart Press (520 Ridge Road). 254 pp., ISBN O 964 76630 2.
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The Radiant Heart: Healing the Heart, Healing the Soul and Birthing Radiant Babies (1995)
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May, 2003
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The Radiant Heart is a positive and clearly written book outlining Radiant Heart Therapy, developed by Dr. Wendt. The book also describes the personal growth Dr. Wendt has accomplished, to acquire the spiritual connections necessary to be truly creative with her own life and with others. She shares her own doubts and concerns and demonstrates how these issues were resolved for her. She has helped her psychotherapy patients to not only deal with their traumas and unresolved issues but become spiritually open. Sharon Wendt works with patients both in individual and group work.

Dr. Wendt believes that we lose our connection to the divine when we are born and that the key to successful living is to balance our spiritual and human natures. Sharon teaches the reader how to clear energy blocks caused by negative thought patterns and stored emotional trauma. The reader then learns about opening the root chakra to bring earth energy into the body and the crown chakra to bring in spiritual energy. The two energies are then combined within the heart chakra as a vital life force. She then teaches the reader to tune into this higher-frequency, spiritual energy as a way of reaching the higher self.

It is clear that she has done some very effective, long-term, traditional and spiritual work with her patients and that the results are remarkable in many cases. She gives ample case material to convince her readers that learning to utilize and combine both earthly and divine energies, with the resulting guidance, allows patients to solve problems with depression, anger, relationships, and even serious health issues. Some of her patients learn to see and read auras. She outlines some exercises that the reader may try that encompass simple but powerful healing techniques.

The second part of her book deals with couples who are expecting a baby. Sharon teaches them how to communicate with each other and with the baby, both before, during and after delivery, in a way that clearly and lovingly welcomes the baby into the extended family and the world. Infants born with this kind of support appear especially calm, peaceful, and radiant in ways that are obvious even to strangers.

We all know that unconditional love is a powerful healing force, but sometimes we are stymied as to how to express this emotion. Sharon Wendt gives clear and specific directions that can be utilized during any moment, to calm the self and give to others around us, including infants and even prenates.

Birthing Radiant Babies is spiral-bound addendum of a series of testimonials written by clients, most who have worked with Sharon regarding the birth of their own child. Others have sought out Sharon for help in resolving a birth trauma that is affecting them in a longterm way. Several of the testimonials are from adult adoptees. Sharon has given them a way to go back and visit some of the feelings their birth parents expressed about relinquishing these children. Sharon has discovered that many adult adoptees have a death wish stemming from feelings of abandonment. Radiant Heart Therapy allows them to fill this emptiness with a new spiritual love, enabling them to make a renewed commitment to life.

I recommend Birthing Radiant Babies to anyone who is pregnant and The Radiant Heart to anyone who is feeling lonely, sick, isolated, overwhelmed, or creatively blocked. Both books are joyous and empowering. Medical research supports the fact that love, intimacy, good relationships, and spiritual connections can reduce stress and markedly enhance physical health. The Radiant Heart and Radiant Heart Therapy offer clear and concrete steps to help people who are suffering from psychological and physical ailments. Audio cassettes with meditations and release exercises are also available through Radiant Heart Healing Institute (phone 219-861-0533).