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Hamilton, Montana: Light Hearts Publishing. 328 pages. Soft cover. ISBN: 0-9646097-0-3.
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Soul Trek: Meeting Our Children On the Way to Birth (1995)
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March, 2000
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In this revolutionary book, author Elisabeth Hallett shares with us the results of nine years of listening patiently to first-hand accounts of contacts initiated by babies not yet conceived with their parents-tobe. Her stories came from 180 mothers and fathers, siblings, grandparents, relatives and close friends who experienced what they described as a compelling vision, dream, visitation, inner voice, or subtle "knowing." For each, the experience was felt as a powerful spiritual connection with the child-to-be.

Stories of this kind stretch the imagination well beyond the dominant materialistic paradigm of contemporary medicine and psychology. Yet, Hallett writes with restraint and objectivity about these new anecdotal data, taking a critical perspective that make a skeptic feel at home. Her purpose is not to convert; she lets the stories speak for themselves. Inevitably, they draw the reader into the realm of soul communication. From cases in the United States, Canada, and Europe she discovers that these stories seem to be universal, coming from widely different people, places, and religions. "Baby" souls have come to bring reassurance, convey love, persuade, announce, give guidance and otherwise prepare for a future relationship which seems to exist already.

Page after page, I felt transported into an altered state of consciousness. It was like reading the first fascinating accounts of near-death experiences. One is forced to ponder big questions about the nature of life, death, soul, purpose, and memory. "Why was I born to my parents?" "How conscious was I before being conceived?" "How can I make the most out of life on planet Earth?"

This book will invite tears and laughter and inspire respect for life. Love truly pervades these personal accounts of soul communication, giving us a tantalizing peek at another dimension of human life. Thank you, Elisabeth Hallett, for such a pioneering book.