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Meadowbrook Press, 1988, 84 pages, $5.95
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Visualizations for an Easier Childbirth
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Publication Date: 
May, 1991
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In Visualizations for an Easier Childbirth, Carl Jones has collected a wonderful assortment of meditations and visualizations for childbirth. The joyous themes of the poetry exemplify a healthy, holistic and healing approach for enjoying the pregnancy and birth experience.

The book is written for consumers-couples who are preparing for childbirth. In its brief 84 pages, it offers many suggestions about how to use visualizations, how fathers can be involved with helping mom's concentration and the potential for enhancing prenatal bonds between mother and baby in utero through mental imagery.

It is very unusual for a woman to teach herself how to meditate during pregnancy. Just as it is the unusual pregnant couple who takes the time to practice relaxations and visualizations. First time parents are often too anxious about birth to believe that this form of practice will make a difference in their birth experiences. However, those mothers and fathers who are astute in the art of meditation, or whose previous birth experiences have led them to believe in the power of visualization will find this book helpful.

There seems to be an emerging consensus that the woman who is proficient in utilizing these methods has an opportunity to relax more deeply, concentrate more fully and release to the powerful energies of birth.

As a childbirth educator I am always looking for new ways to improve and expand my relaxation and visualization skills. Jones' book offers teachers some lovely options for use during the relaxation section of class. It also provides some interesting suggestions for preparing the birth partner to assume a helping role during pregnancy and labor.