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Tucson, Arizona, Sweet and Simple Publishing Company, 1994, 77 Pages, $6.95 (softcover).
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Whatever Happened to Mother
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Publication Date: 
March, 1995
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Subtitled, A Primer for Those Who Care about Children, this seventy page booklet is wonderful! Another subtitle could be A Primer For Those Who Care About Children, The Inner Child, the Outer Child and All Those In-Between (Like at Birth). There are rarely books about families that I can agree with 100% and this one is it! Our son Gannon (almost 15 years) concurred that this book is great and suggested that young people would deeply value the way Dr. Kimmel recounts our history as fertile beings and his advice for bringing back the balance. The chapter titles say it well-Where Have All the Mothers Gone, Mothers are for Sissies!, The First Mothers, How the First Mothers Vanished, Fake Mothers, Training Baby Not to Be a Baby and Turning Him into Something Else, and Are Mothers Necessary? This immensely wise and psychological text is dedicated to All the Children and to The Hard Guys of the World. Kimmel's gift is rendering complex socio-emotional factors into a simple story about us two-leggeds, where we went wrong and how it is not too late to raise real human beings. Psycho-historians will love this work knowing our message will be widely received by the people having babies. A self-published, hard-to-find treasure for your library-and ideally, for all the schools of the Earth so that our youth may know our herstory as well history from the soul's point of viewand why mothering must be a priority for feminism and our shared planet.