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APPPAH Classwomb™ is pleased to offer its Pre-Natal and Peri-Natal Educator (PPNE) Certificate Program in a newly improved version.

This PPNE Certificate Program includes:

  • Eleven (11) Education Modules 
  • Required book/video lists and further suggested reading and viewing
  • Professional personal Mentors to help you integrate the work and support you through the process
  • Professional discussion forums 
  • Opportunities to engage with other students for community support and connection
  • Final quizzes/tests and six (6) assessment options for each module to assess comprehension
  • Current "Monday LIVE!” Series - weekly classroom calls with PPN experts and mentors ($149 value)
  • APPPAH 1 yr. student membership (or) student membership renewal ($88 value)
  • Touch the Future Academy 1 yr. membership ($80 value) (many of these videos are featured as part of the PPNE Certificate Program)

Touch the Future (https://www.ttfuture.org) “is a unique, dynamic, user lead platform that instantly filters and sorts hundreds of hours of in-depth personal interview focusing in on the themes and issues that are most important to you; pregnancy, birth, bonding, parenting, the origins of love and violence, athletics, optimum states of learning and performance, expanding human potential and amazing capacities and self-infected limitations.”  Thanks to Michael Mendizza, Founder of Touch the Future and Documentary Filmmaker, TTF has over 100 indexed interview hours featuring amazing visionaries and scholars such as Joseph Chilton Pearce, James W. Prescott, Ashley Montagu, Jean Leidloff, and David Chamberlain, among a host of others.  TTF videos are also incorporated into our PPNE Modules. Here is a short film about the Academy and a quick tour of the site:   https://vimeo.com/123752263 (5:52).   


Core Competencies  

The eleven (11) prenatal and perinatal psychology and health core competencies are:

  • Foundations; where you are introduced to our pioneers, trends and an overview of the field
  • Ethics for the PPNE educators
  • Epigenetics with regard to human development during pregnancy and the lifelong impact of the prenatal period, birth and attachment
  • Neuroscience and the latest trends in autonomic nervous system science, polyvagal theory, and the neuroscience of relationship
  • Pre and perinatal psychological theories
  • The impact of culture and PPN
  • The importance of prenatal learning and bonding
  • Labor, delivery and birth
  • Self-attachment and breastfeeding
  • Parenting styles
  • Implications and inspiration for the future 


Our unique supportive classroom is more than just an educational experience, it is a community.
Join us for this great opportunity to learn about pre and perinatal psychology and health.

Full Course: $895
By the Module: $170/ea.

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