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Full Course Purchase

New Student: $895 - new or existing members

  • Includes all 11 course modules
  • Current “Monday Live” Series
  • Personal Mentor
  • Final Exam
  • 2 yr subscription in Touch The Future (TTF) Academy
  • 2 yr APPPAH membership with e-Journal (or 2yr renewal)
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Easy Payment Plan: $300/mn for 3 months​ 

  • Includes all of the features as noted above
  • Make 3 easy payments over 3 consecutive months
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Course Extension

6 Month Extension: $50
Required if you purchased the Full Course have not complete it within the 2 year course period.
Your APPPAH membership must be current to purchase this extension.

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Individual Module Access and Final Exam

PPNE By Module Enrollment: $80

  • 1 yr APPPAH membership with e-Journal (or 1yr renewal)
  • 1 yr membership in TTF Academy
  • Access to purchase any Individual PPN Modules listed below
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Individual PPNE Modules: $90/ea.
(available only after the purchase of "PPNE By Module" above)

  • There are 11 PPN Modules in the complete program, choose the ones you want when you want

Module 1: Foundation
Module 2: Ethics
Module 3: Development & Epigenetics
Module 4: Neuroscience
Module 5: Theories
Module 6: Cultural Impacts
Module 7: Bonding & Learning - Attachment
Module 8: Labor & Birth
Module 9: Self Attachment & Breastfeeding
Module 10: Parenting Styles
Module 11: Inspiration and Implications

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 Educator Certificate Program - Final Exam: $100

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