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Full Course Purchase

New Student: $895 - new or existing members Enroll Now

  • Includes all 11 course modules and assessments of competency
  • Current “Monday Live” Series ($149 value)
  • Professional personal Mentor
  • 1 yr. subscription in Touch The Future (TTF) Academy ($80 value)
  • 1 yr. APPPAH student membership with e-Journal (or 1 yr. student membership renewal) ($110 value)

Easy Payment Plan: $300/month for 3 months​  Enroll Now

  • Includes all of the features as noted above
  • Make 3 easy payments over 3 consecutive months

Course Extension

One (1) Year Extension: $190  Enroll Now
Required if you purchased the Full Course but have not completed it within the initial one (1) year period.
NOTE:  A one (1) year APPPAH Student Membership is included with this extension along with one (1) year access to Monday LIVE and a one (1) year subscription to the Touch the Future Academy.


Individual Module Access and Final Exam

PPNE By Module Enrollment: $80  Enroll Now

  • 1 yr. APPPAH membership with e-Journal (or 1 yr. renewal)
  • 1 yr. membership in TTF Academy
  • Access to purchase any Individual PPN Modules listed below

Individual PPNE Modules: $90/ea.  Enroll Now
(available only after the purchase of "PPNE By Module" above)

  • There are 11 PPN Modules in the complete program, choose the ones you want when you want:

Module 1: Foundation
Module 2: Ethics
Module 3: Development & Epigenetics
Module 4: Neuroscience
Module 5: Theories
Module 6: Cultural Impacts
Module 7: Bonding & Learning - Attachment
Module 8: Labor & Birth
Module 9: Self Attachment & Breastfeeding
Module 10: Parenting Styles
Module 11: Inspiration and Implications


Final Exam: $100  Enroll Now
Available to those who complete all of the 11 Individual Modules above.
This exam is for Individual Module Access only and is included in the Full Course registration.


in lieu Final Exam
Educator Certificate Program in lieu Exam: $450.  Enroll Now
in lieu Exam Application: $50  Apply Now
We offer an in lieu Exam for those who feel they qualify for a Certification without taking the Full Course. An application process is required to qualify to take the exam.
There is a $50 non-refundable application and review fee.  If your application review is approved the $50 fee can apply towards your $450 exam fee.   


 CE Credits

- Full Program $110  Enroll Now
- Individual Program $15  Enroll Now

Complete details on CE Credits can be found on the CE Credits page.