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Series Three Lectures - Monday LIVE!


September:  Foundations in Prenatal and Perinatal Health (PPN)
More Details on September

  • 4: Labor Day, No Class
  • 11: Kelduyn Garland on Evolutionary Journey of Pre & Perinatal Pyschology & Health
  • 18:  Wendy Anne McCarty on 12 Guiding Principles to Support Human Potential and Optimal Relationships from the Beginning of Life – A PPN Foundation for Dialogue, Practice, and Funding 
  • 25:  Kate White on Prenatal and Perinatal Somatic Tools for Educators, An Overview

October:  Ethics in Prenatal and Perinatal Health (not your ordinary ethics!)
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  • 2:  Tour of the Classroom
  • 9:  Kylea Taylor on Ethics of Caring
  • 16: Kelduyn Garland on Ethics of Prenatal and Perinatal Approaches 
  • 23:  Elsa Asher and Somatics, The Principles and Creating a Safe Container
  • 30: Bonus lecture: Charisse Basquin on From Violence and Chaos to Kinship: Working with Ex-Offenders in Scotland 

November:  Epigenetics
More Details on November

  • 6: Tour of the Classroom
  • 13: John Wilks on Environmental Factors that Affect Pregnancy
  • 20: Bruce Lipton, PhD on Conscious Parenting, Epigenetics, and the Future of Human Civilization
  • 27:  Kate White on Somatic Tools for PPN Educators: Orienting, Settling, Grounding

December: Neuroscience
More Details on December

  • 4: Tour of the Classroom
  • 11: Thomas Verny on the latest research in Neuroscience and Prenatal and Perinatal Paradigm
  • 18: Mark Brady on The Conscious Baby Birth Professional as Adrenal Ninja
  • 25: No Class


January:  Psychological Theories

  • 1: No Class
  • 8: Tour of the Classroom
  • 15:  Michael Trout and the Infant Coherent Narrative
  • 22:  John Chitty and Dancing with Yin and Yang
  • 29: Kate White and Somatic Tools for PPN Educators: Naming, Modeling, Resourcing, Differentiation

February:  PPN and Culture
More Details on February

  • 5: Tour of the Classroom
  • 12: Stephen Bezruchka on Determinants of Health 
  • 19: Jim Prescott and Michael Mendizza: What Makes a Peaceful Culture
  • 26:  Kate White and Somatic Tools for PPN Educators: Tempo, Pacing, Self Regulation, Co Regulation

March: Prenatal Learning, Bonding ~ Attachment

  • 5: Tour of the Classroom
  • 12: Nina Ketscher and Prenatal Bonding Through Sai Shakti Mantra Meditation: How to Birth Conscious Children 
  • 19:  Michael Mendizza and Prenatal Bonding
  • 26: Kate White and Somatic Tools for PPN Educators: Understanding the Birth Sequence

April:  Labor and Delivery: Birth

  • 2: Tour of the Classroom
  • 9: Tara Blasco: Understanding Birth Imprints and How To Heal Them
  • 16: Sally Dear-Healey:  The Biology of Beliefs About Birth
  • 23: John Wilks and The Ramifications of Interventions at Birth for Mother and Baby 
  • 30: Kate White and Somatic Tools for PPN Educators. Pendulation as an Art Form; Plus the Use of Humor

May:  Supported Attachment and Breastfeeding

  • 7: Tour of the Classroom
  • 14:  TBA: The work of Nils Bergman and Zero Separation at Birth
  • 21:  Amber Price
  • 28:  Kate White and PPN Somatic Tools: Using Your Own Story As A Tool

June:  Parenting Styles

  • 4: Tour of the Classroom
  • 11:  Rebecca Thompson Hitt and Consciously Parenting 
  • 18:  Robin Grille and Parenting for a Peaceful World
  • 25:  Marcy Axness and Conscious Conception 

July:  Implications and Inspiration

  • 2: Tour of the Classroom
  • 9:  Marti Glenn and Kate White on Early Adverse Experiences
  • 16: Julia Seng and Trauma Informed Care in the Perinatal Period
  • 23: Kathy Kain and Stephen Terrell on Nurturing Resiliency
  • 30:  Kate White on Somatic Tools:  A Summary and Discussion plus Two Layers of Support and Tracking Self and Other


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