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Series One Lectures - Monday LIVE!


September:  Foundations

  • 12:  Introduction to Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology with Susan Highsmith, PhD
  • 19:  Prenatal Development and Parents' Lived Experiences: How Early Events Shape Our Psychophysiology and Relationships with Ann Weinsten, PhD
  • 26: 12 Guiding Principles for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology with Marti Glenn, PhD

October:  Ethics

  • 3:  Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 10:  Ethics with Kylea Taylor
  • 17: Ethics with Darcia Narvaez, PhD
  • 24:  Towards a Code of Ethics for PPN Education and Practice with Kate White

November:  Prenatal Development and Epigenetics

  • 7:  Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 14:  Charan Surdhar from GeneOM on Epigenetics (seehttp://charansurdhar.com/)
  • 21:  Application of Epigenetics to PPN Practices with Marti Glenn
  • 28:  Somatics or Special Guest

December:  Neuroscience

  • 5: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 12: Dancing with Yin and Yang with John Chitty
  • 19: Applications of Polyvagal Theory in PPN with Kate White
  • 26:  Narrative Medicine with Elsa Asher

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