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Series Two Lectures - Monday LIVE!


January:  Psychological Theories

  • 2: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 9: Toward a Unified Theory of Memory with Thomas Verny, MD
  • 16: Psychotherapy with Infants with William Emerson. PhD
  • 23: Welcoming Consciousness: Principles, Questions, Answers with Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD

February:  PPN and Culture

  • 6: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 13: PPN and Gender with Chanti Smith, CPM, SEP and Elsa Asher, MS, CD(DONA)
  • 20: Making In Utero with Kathleen Gyllenhaal
  • 27: Accessing the Right Side of the Brain and Birth with Sandra Bardsley

March: Prenatal Learning, Bonding ~ Attachment

  • 6: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 13: Kate White, Prenatal Bonding/Conscious Pregnancy
  • 20:  Chris McKee, The Importance of Fathers and Father-Baby Bonding
  • 27:  Myrna Martin on Major Prenatal Influences on Bonding and Attachment 

April:  Labor and Delivery: Birth

  • 3: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 10:  About Connections, Consciously Preparing for Birth with Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson 
  • 17: Penny Simkin: If Birth Is Traumatic
  • 24: Understanding the Birth Sequence as an Imprint, Kate White

May:  Supported Attachment and Breastfeeding

  • 1: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 8: Distinguishing between Shock and Trauma, a special talk by William Emerson
  • 15:  The Sacred Hour with Raylene Phillips
  • 22:  Breastfeeding and Birth Trauma with Kathleen Kendall Tackett
  • 29:  Attachment and the Neonate with Kelduyn Garland

June:  Parenting Styles

  • 5: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 12:  Rebecca Thompson-Hitt on Consciously Parenting
  • 19: Stephanie Dueger on Attachment
  • 26: Karen Melton: Parenting Begins Before Conception

July:  Implications and Inspiration

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