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November 13, 2017

Please Register for Title: Environmental and Pharmacological Impacts on Fetal Development: implications for later health outcomes with John Wilks at 9am PST, noon EST, 4pm GMT.

Description: How we can support a baby’s development and avoid the risks of environmental toxicity? Mothers and babies are exposed to an array of environmental toxins that were not around 100 years ago. Some of the factors that will be discussed during this webinar include: Antidepressant use during pregnancy, other pharmacological drugs such as paracetamol, plastics, phthalates, nanoparticles and other household chemicals. Understanding how these substances impact development can help lessen a mother and baby’s exposure.

November 20, 2017

Please register for Conscious Parenting, Epigenetics, and the Future of Human Civilization with Bruce H. Lipton, PhD © 2017 at 9am PST, noon EST, 4pm GMT

The new science of epigenetics emphasizes the primary role of environment and perception in shaping human health and behavior. In a process referred to as “genomic imprinting,” an individual’s fate is first influenced during the formation of germ cells (eggs and sperm) weeks before conception. Parents continue to shape the fate of their child in the watery world of the womb, especially following the development of the fetal nervous system. Through age seven, the character and potential of a child can be further nurtured or damaged through the experiences encountered in birth, bonding and parental behavior. Knowledge is power. The knowledge offered in this presentation can empower parents to shape a better future for human civilization.

November 27, 2017

Please register for Somatic Tools for PPN Educators: Orienting, Settling, Grounding with Kate White at 9am PST, noon EST, 4pm GMT

This will be an experiential exploration of Somatic Tools for Prenatal and Perinatal Educators.  This subset of skills will help you learn to support your clients with the bodily-felt sense and give you skills to settle your audience, re-orient if you feel there is a warble or unsettled feeling in the room.