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October 9, 2017

Please Register for Finding Right Relationship with Clients with Kylea Taylor at 9am PST, noon EST, 4 pm GMT.

Staying in right relationship with a client is often an artful movement, a dance with a different "partner" each time. Yet there are helpful rules of thumb that can keep us from stepping on toes (doing harm) and actually support both professional and client in doing a beautiful, healing dance together (creating client benefit). We'll look at some of these guidelines and talk together about them.

October 16, 2017

Please register for Working Outside the 9 Dots: Ethics in Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health with Kelduyn Garland at 9am PST, noon EST, 4 pm GMT

In this presentation, we will be discussing ethical principles that are common societal and medical norms. We will specifically be exploring the norms and where they are congruent and where they conflict with the findings in Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health and with the needs of the gestating preonate, mother and family during pregnancy, as well as birth and post-partum. We’ll be exploring how we handle these situations as we work with families. This talk includes a Q&A focus for participants to ask questions and share knowledge and thoughts that you may have.

October 23, 2017

Please register for The Principles and Creating a Safe Container with Elsa Asher at 9am PST, noon EST, 4 pm GMT

The Ethics of PPN Education presented Ray Castellino's The Principles as a way of creating safety in the classroom and support for the educator. Please come to this presentation for modeling of the naming of the principles and the way to set the stage for PPN information exchange.

October 30, 2017

Please register for From Violence and Chaos to Kinship: Working with Ex-Offenders in Scotland with Charisse Basquin at 9am PST, noon EST, 4pm GMT

Dr. Charisse Basquin shares her experiences bringing bonding and attachment to ex-offenders in Glasgow, Scotland. Through Braveheart Industries, a subsidiary of the Glasgow Police, ex-offenders work at the Street and Arrow Cafe which is an organization based on Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. Braveheart believes it is through kinship that inspires us to do right by each other, through kinship that we chose respect, through kinship that we stop demonizing the "other" and realize we all belong. Somehow through combining pre and perinatal therapy with a variety of modalities such as craniosacral therapy and mindfulness she meets the marginalized in a way that inspires them to give back to the community, their families, and themselves.