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Sandra Bardsley, President

Thomas Verny, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief

David Chamberlain, Co-Founder

William Emerson, Past President

Dennis Hertenstein, Vice President

The APPPAH Pre and Perinatal Psychology
Educator Certificate Program 

 New technology and an emerging emphasis on neuroscience and epigenetics have awakened an interest in knowing more about human development. Science has now proven that the period of time from before conception and through pregnancy, birth and early parenting lays the blueprint upon which that human being will experience health and emotionally act out his/her life. 

Members of APPPAH have been studying prenatal awareness for over 30 years, and have become very aware of the impact of pre- and perinatal issues through studying the way human beings live their lives. As Dr. David Chamberlain, a famous pre and perinatal psychologist / psychotherapist  states, “I am especially aware of the need to create babies that are mentally and physically healthy in order to have a world that is healthy and peaceful.” (Windows to the Womb, 2013)

Designed for any professional or para-professional working with expectant parents, this program will familiarize you with the research which APPPAH has gathered concerning conception, pregnancy, birth and early parenting, and its positive application to life. 

Program Benefits Benefits of completing the APPPAH Pre and Perinatal Psychology Education Program include:

  • Access to articles, papers and videos in 11 core competencies that form the basis for Pre and Perinatal Psychology Education
  • A sense of belonging to a forward thinking global community
  • Weekly LIVE! Lectures on Mondays at 9 am PT, noon ET, 5 pm GMT
  • Monthly keynote and process group calls
  • Access to a professional mentor in the field
  • A certificate of completion that will allow you professional status as an educator

Student Testimony:
APPPAH's Birth Educator Certificate programis the first educational course on birth that I found that encompasss both detailed intimacy and the big picture.  . . .I recommend APPPAHs certificate program to anyone working in a birth-related field, even if their primary gift of service is in another area because the information the course offers is foundational to every phase and consideration involved in birth. Over the years I have been invested in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology, a number of people have asked me where they can get a substantially recognized education in this field. I am now in the process of going back to each of them and saying, "This is it." --V. J. Student