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APPPAH's Department of Education Presents
The Professional Development Series

Professional information from the experts
in prenatal and perinatal psychology.

Series One: Clinical Skills with PPN Masters - #1

- Interaction with Pre and Perinatal Psychology Master Clinicians
- Access to clinical materials for your own use
- Learn in depth about what PPN can offer YOU
- Gain support from a greater PPN community

- Ray Castellino, RPP, RPE, RCST® - The Principles
- Marti Glenn, PhD - Essential Principles For Practitioners
- John and Anna Chitty - Practitioner Skills
- Myrna Martin, MFT, RN, MN, RCST® - Listening to Babies: Practitioner Skills
- Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD, RN, HNB-BC, DCEP - Integrated PPN Approach with Energy Psychology-EFT Tapping

This Series offers papers, videos, recordings and interactive programs with proven clinicians.

Available in  Full Series, Individual Programs and Condensed Version


Pioneer Ray Castellino DC (retired), RPP, RPE, RCST®
Topic: The Principles

Ray Castellino Ray is a tour de force in the pre and perinatal psychology field.  His development of small group process and his methods of teaching PPN (Foundation Trainings, training practitioners in a method of PPN healing called The Form), revolutionized its practice.  His work forever changed the way PPN is practiced.  APPPAH celebrates the opening of our packet series with his work.  Ray draws on over four decades of experience as a natural health care practitioner, consultant and teacher. His current practice focuses on the resolution of prenatal, birth and other early trauma and stress, which he has practiced since 1993. More information is available at Ray's website.

  • Interview with Ray Castellino and the development of "The Principles," A guideline for working in the prenatal and perinatal psychology field.

  • The Stress Matrix: Implications for Prenatal and Birth Therapy, Learn about the models for working with prenatal and perinatal psychology

  • Four videos of Ray Castellino talking about babies:

    • Infant Sentience

    • Giving the Baby Information

    • Rhythms that Facilitate Birth

    • Rhythmic Beings and Induction

  • Two Interviews with Ray Castellino on his work in polarity and in prenatal and perinatal psychology. Includes a history of how he developed his work.
  • Four Interviews with Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson on Sleep that is part of the Consciously Parenting Series:  Little People, Big Challenges
  • Copy of paper on Supervision written by Ray Castellino, an excellent model for personal work and consultation for birth and PPN professionals, originally published the Cranial Wave, newsletter of the Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America

Interactive program and teleconference call with Ray Castellino
Tuesday August 12, 2014
9 am PDT, noon EDT, 4 pm GMT, 5 pm London time

Marti Glenn, PhD
Topic: Essential Principles For Practitioners

Martin Glenn PhDDr. Glenn is a pioneer in prenatal and perinatal psychology (PPN), integrating the latest research and clinical practice in neuroscience with attachment, early development, and trauma. She has transformed the way we apply and teach clinical skills. Through four decades she has served as a pioneering psychotherapist and educator as well as professor of clinical psychology. She is the Founding President of Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, the first college to offer graduate degrees in prenatal and perinatal psychology and the doctorate in somatic psychology. Marti has served on boards of a number of organizations, including APPPAH, has chaired numerous professional conferences, produced documentary films and conducted workshops and trainings nationally and internationally. She is currently Co-Director of the STAR Foundation, offering intensive retreats to help adults heal early developmental trauma and build successful relationships and meaningful lives. For more information see STAR website.

  • Essential Clinical Principles For Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Practitioners, 6 essential skills for PPN practitioner

  • Marti Glenn: My Path to PPN

  • Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology: Vital Foundations of Body Psychotherapy, a book chapter great for basic learners and experienced practitioners.

  • Videos from:

    • What Babies Want: An Exploration of the Consciousness of Infants

    • Trauma, Brain, Relationship: Helping Children Heal

    • Reducing Infant Mortality and Improving the Health of Babies

  • Bonus material on guiding principles in prenatal and perinatal psychology developed by Marti Glenn, PhD, and Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD.

Interactive program and teleconference call with Marti Glenn
Tuesday September 9, 2014
9 am PDT, noon, EDT, 4 pm GMT, 5 pm London time

John and Anna Chitty, RPP, RCST®
Topic: Practitioner Skills

John and Anna ChittyAPPPAH is pleased to present a book chapter from Dancing with Yin and Yang by John Chitty, RPP, RCST®. John is a polarity therapist, biodynamic craniosacral therapist and psychotherapist in Boulder, Colorado, USA. With Anna Chitty, he operates Colorado School of Energy Studies offering trainings in these modalities and related subjects, since 1992. He is author of the new book, Dancing with Yin and Yang, as well as co-author of Energy Exercises (1988). You can see more about his work with babies at his website.

  • Practitioner Skills, Chapter 7 from Dancing with Yin and Yang

  • The Autonomic Nervous System, Chapter 6, from Dancing with Yin and Yang

  • Polyvagal Theory & Applications for Babies John Chitty • CSES • June 2014, powerpoint presentation

  • Body-Low-Slow-Loop, Podcast and Outline

  • Comprehensive materials on the Polyvagal Theory

  • Youtube on Practitioner Skills and Energy Therapy

  • Interview with John Chitty (Youtube and in the APPPAH Journal)

  • Youtube: John Chitty teaches about family dynamics and Dancing with Yin and Yang

Interactive program and teleconference call with John and Anna Chitty
Tuesday October 14, 2014
9 am PDT, noon, EDT, 4 pm GMT, 5 pm London time

Myrna Martin, MFT, RN, MN, RCST®
Topic: Listening to Babies: Practitioner Skills

Myrna Martin, MFT, RN, MN, RCST®  has 45 years’ experience working with people therapeutically as a nurse, public health nurse, family therapist, Integrative Body/Mind Therapist and teacher (IBP), Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and since 2000 Pre and Perinatal Therapist and Teacher. For many years Myrna was Director of Nelson and Area Mental Health Services, (adult, family and child and youth services).  She has been in full time pre and perinatal private practice facilitating families, and adults individually and in Womb Surround Process Workshops, teaching Seminars and several full two year Pre and Perinatal Professional Trainings in Canada, the USA and in Europe.   Myrna created and directs the Kutenai Institute of Integral Therapies, a BC Ministry of Advanced Education post secondary accredited Institution, to teach Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and Pre and Perinatal Professional Trainings.   You can see more at her website.

  • Listening to Babies: Practitioner Skills (powerpoint)

  • References for Listening to Babies

  • Pre and Perinatal Experiences for Health and Healing

  • Pre and Perinatal Insights, A 4 part youtube interview

    • Overview

    • What Babies Need

    • What Adults Need

    • Trading Perfection and Prescription for Connection

  • Interview with Myrna Martin

  • Guidebook for Co-Creating Secure Attachment

Interactive program and teleconference call with Myrna Martin
Tuesday November 11, 2014
9 am PDT, noon, EDT, 4 pm GMT, 5 pm London time

Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD, RN, HNB-BC, DCEP
Topic: Integrated PPN Approach with Energy Psychology–EFT Tapping

Wendy Anne McCarty, PhDDr. McCarty is a leader in the holistic frontier to optimize human potential and relationships from the beginning of life. Wendy’s groundbreaking Integrated Model of early development presented in her book, Welcoming Consciousness, incorporates decades of prenatal and perinatal psychology clinical findings. Her innovative perspective and work weave together PPN, noetic sciences, energy psychology-medicine healing, holistic nursing, spirituality, trauma work, distant healing, intuitive perception, and spirituality. She is co-founder and professor of the prenatal and perinatal psychology MA & PhD degree programs at SBGI. Wendy has over 40 years of experience as an OB nurse, childbirth educator, infant specialist, marriage and family therapist, prenatal and birth therapist, program developer and program director, and holistic consultant.  Rich in experience and wisdom, with over 30 PPN-related publications, Wendy currently presents, trains, and consults with families, professionals, and organizations.  Learn more on Dr. McCarty’s website.

  • Clinical Story of a 6-Year-Old Boy's Eating Phobia: An Integrated Approach Utilizing Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology with Energy Psychology's Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in a Surrogate Nonlocal Application

  • Dr. McCarty’s Links and Bibliography

  • Creativity Begins in the Womb AND Nurturing the Possible: Supporting the Integrated Self from the Beginning of Life.

  • The Resonant Heart

  • Mother-Baby Bonding During Pregnancy: A Legacy of Love

  • Baby Talk: At any age, how can we heal the hurt that happened in the womb or during birth and bonding?

  • 12 Guiding Principles Supporting Human Potential and Optimal Relationships From the Beginning of Life

  • 12 Guiding Principles in Spanish

  • Investing in Human Potential From the Beginning of Life

  • Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology: Rediscovering Our Primary Relationship of Self

  • Aligning Our Human Experience and Healing with Our Multidimensional Wholeness

Interactive program and teleconference call with Wendy Anne McCarty
Tuesday December 9, 2014
9 am PDT, noon, EDT, 4 pm GMT, 5 pm London time