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Implications of the Prenatal and Perinatal Period for Psychology: Insights from Research of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness
Stan Grof
This slide-illustrated lecture will explore the observations from the research of non-ordinary states of consciousness indicating that the quality of prenatal life, the nature of biological birth, and the experiences of the newborn immediately after birth have profound influence on later psychological development, emotional and psychosomatic health, interpersonal relations, and behavior. We will discuss the implications of these findings for the theory and practice of psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy, and their relevance for obstetrics and pediatrics. Special attention will be paid to broader societal implications of the new data - the relationship of the trauma of birth to ritual and spiritual life of humanity and to human violence and greed, two forces that play a critical role in wars, revolutions, and genocide, as well as the current global crisis.

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