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The Significance of Pre & Perinatal Psychology for Dola Practice and Birth Advocacy
Elan McAllister
Doulas are in a unique position to witness births across many different settings with a variety of care providers. They connect with families and provide a continuous presence and support throughout labor and birth. Élan was drawn to doula work and birth advocacy through her passion for feminism and reproductive justice.  She saw this work as an opportunity to empower women and help them reclaim the birth process.  Three years ago, her work in both areas was profoundly impacted when she took a neonatal resuscitation course taught from the perspective of the newborn, and for the first time suspected that the birth process was not just a rite of passage for the mother.  Her doula work now embraces the importance of the baby’s experience of their own birth, and her advocacy work has shifted from a purely feminist view to a humanist one.  This keynote will discuss the potential impact that an understanding of pre & perinatal psychology could have on doula practice and birth advocacy.

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