Concurrent Session: Adela Barcia

Sat, 11/19/2011 - 16:15 to 17:15
Adela Barcia Creating and utilizing energetic fields in healing work with pregnant women, prenates, newborns, and the very young. A recent study claimed that 93% of communication between human beings is non verbal. I propose that much of this happens within what one might loosely describe as “an energetic field”. Because much of the population we work with is preverbal, or in our current cultural paradigm, often viewed as unavailable for communication at all, this new understanding of communication has particular implications for pre and perinatal psychology. In fact, most of us in our work with pregnant women, newborns, prenates, Mamas and Papas and their newborns, etc., are often witness to the profound and effective communications that are taking place. In this hour, I will address both how one accesses or initiates an energetic field in order to facilitate non verbal communications, and how one might utilize it in addressing a variety of clinical issues. A broad range of applications of might include: inviting breech babies to turn, addressing early imprinting from traumatic birth experiences, failure to thrive syndrome, non violent resolution of unintended pregnancy, minimizing effects on babies of necessary medical interventions, etc. Evoking “a field” though languaging, verbal and nonverbal invitations to open to it, setting the terrain through hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, and more, will be discussed.

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