This scholarship fund has been established to honor Dr. Chamberlain and further his desire to widely share information about pre and perinatal psychology. Scholarship funds will be used to assist deserving individuals with congress registration or with tuition for the APPPAH Pre and Perinatal Educator Certificate program.

APPPAH’s international congresses attract people from around the world and could attract more of those who work with underserved populations if scholarships were available.

APPPAH’s Pre and Perinatal Educator Certificate has been developed to provide a basic education, including history, ethics, and principles, in pre and perinatal psychology and enable those who earn the certificate to share this information with others in various learning environments. Here are two examples recent inquiries about this program.

“I am interested in studying the APPPAH pre and perinatal psychology educator program. I am a midwife and childbirth educator working in the country town of Colac, Victoria, Australia. I love the information I receive from you. Are there any grants/scholarships to support the costs of this study?”

“I live in Trinidad and Tobago (in the Caribbean. I am a doula, childbirth educator and prenatal counselor, currently pursuing my Bsc in psychology. ...  In this third world country families lack the assistance and education needed to make informed choices about their births and problems continue. … I am emailing because I would like to enroll in your program so that I can continue to educate and bring about much needed change in my country, however, I am unable to afford the cost of the program.”

Support the David Chamberlain Memorial Scholarship Fund. You will be honoring Dr. Chamberlain and playing a vital role in changing how babies are welcomed into this world. This, in turn, will benefit society and future generations, and will further Dr. Chamberlain’s dream to “enlighten as many people as possible about the indispensable and irrepressible baby – innately affectionate, mysteriously precocious, multidimensional beings, capable of leading the gentle revolution in who we think we are and want to be.”


Minimum: $10.00