Fourth International Congress On Pre and Perinatal Psychology

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Frontiers and Front Lines in Human Development

AUGUST 3-6, 1989, AMHERST, MA.

Rima E. Laibow, M.D.

General Chairperson

13 Summit Terrace

Dobbs' Ferry, NY 10522

(914) 693-8827

April 30, 1988

Dear PPPANA Supporter:

A great deal has been happening as we bring the Fourth Congress together. First of all, serious medical problems have compelled Arnold Buchheimer to resign as General Chairperson. His early efforts laid the foundations for the success of the upcoming Congress and PPPANA sincerely appreciates the fine start that he has given us. He will continue to contribute to the Congress by networking and generating local support in the Amherst area which, happily, is only a short drive from his home. Tom Verny has asked me to step in as General Chair and I have agreed to do so. My appreciation for anyone who has ever attempted this task without a computer now approaches awe.

As you know, PPPANA has undertaken an immense task in holding the next Congress in a region of the country new to us in order to bring pre and perinatal psychology (PPP) to a new constituency. New England was chosen because it is densely populated, holds many health care delivery and research institutions and can be reached easily by US, Canadian, South American and European attendees. The Congress will offer a highly diverse and exciting update to people who want the latest information on the leading edge of PPP as well as introducing those new to the field to the existence and importance of PPP.

PPPANA's three previous Congresses have offered outstanding models from which we can learn. They have provided exceptional enthusiasm, diversity of program, varied and stimulating discussion and plenty of time for fun. We hope that the Fourth Congress will simply carry these traditions further.

Let me tell you how the program is shaping up: First of all, we have a roster of exceptionally eminent speakers including Lee Salk and Joseph Chilton Pearce. We will have an outstanding series of plenary sessions, special issues symposia and debates focused on such topics as

* Adoption and Pre Natal Bonding,

* Reproductive Rights and The Conscious Prenate,

* High-Tech Reproduction: Medico-Legal and Ethnical Quandaries,

* Real vs. Official History: Midwives in America,

* \"Ownership\" and Use of Fetal Tissues,

* AIDS and Infants,

* Fetal Abuse,

* Pre and Perinatal Loss,

* Neurobiology of Maternal-Infant Separation,

* Prenatal Education: Help or Horror?,

* World Perspectives on Pre and Perinatal Health,

* Memory in the Perinate and many more. Concurrent sessions will feature presentations on a wide diversity of topics which will range from psychobiology to psychotherapy, neonatal care to suicide and substance abuse, water birth to SIDS. Two days of workshops before the Congress and two days after it will allow for in-depth and experimental work.

The roster of speakers is exceptionally fine. Tom Verny, Michel Odent, Marion Diamond, David Chamberlain, Mary Davenport, Tiffany Field, Michael Trout, Peter Barr, Joan Rafael-Leff, Laurie Sherwin, Candace Fields, James McKenna, Candace Pert and Elizabeth Noble are among the many exciting and articulate speakers. In addition, there will be a very special evening which will include the world premier of a dance by internationally renowned choreographer Margot Mink Colbert commissioned especially for the Congress.

And you can help! First of all, make plans to come to the Congress and pre-register now. Your early registration literally gives us the funds necessary to print brochures, pay for postage and mailing, telephone, and other essential expenses. In return you assure yourself of a substantial discount on the cost of the Congress. Please use the enclosed form (and share it with your colleagues and friends). Partial work scholarships will be available for those of you who would like to volunteer your time at the Congress. Please provide us with the support of your pre-registration and your attendance.

The Berkshire region of Massachusetts is lovely and exceptionally rich in summer delights like the famous Tanglewood Music Festival, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, the Appalachian Trail, The Clark Institute of Art and so forth. Please do join us there.

We are looking forward to your support, suggestions, participation and early registration. With your enthusiasm and cooperation, the Fourth Congress can be a landmark event in the growth and acceptance of pre and perinatal psychology. I am looking forward to meeting and working with each of you.


Rima E. Laibow, M.D.

General Chairperson

Fourth International Congress on

Pre and Perinatal Psychology

Rima E. Laibow, M.D.

General Chairperson

Fourth International Congress on Pre and Perinatal Psychology