APPPAH is a public-benefit educational and scientific organization offering information, inspiration, and support to medical professionals, expecting parents, and all persons interested in expanding horizons of birth psychology. Come explore, learn, and work with us! The "prenatal" in our title refers to the period of about nine months including conception and the whole of gestation, while "perinatal" refers to the very short but crucial period of hours involving labor, birth, and establishment of breastfeeding. We believe that these experiences are formative for both babies and parents, and tend to establish patterns of intimacy and sociality for life. At stake here is quality of life--the quality of personal growth and the quality of society itself. Ultimately, we like to point out, "Womb ecology becomes world ecology."

In addition to the quarterly peer reviewed  Journal of the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health, (JOPPPAH), the official scientific publication of APPPAH, we publish the APPPAH Newsletter and hold regional and international conferences, promote research, serve the public with valuable directories and resources, and work to enhance the pregnancy experience and maximize the health of both mothers and babies. APPPAH members have been at the forefront in recognizing the multiple stresses of modern pregnancy and birth and developing practical therapeutic methods to deal with them.

These pages are made possible by the APPPAH Community, which has been generating news, research, conferences, books, and journals since 1983. You are invited to enrich your personal growth, parenting wisdom, or professional skills by joining the APPPAH Community, accessing our resources, and signing up for our conferences.