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March 6: Tour of the Classroom and Q and A with Director of Education click here.

March 13:  Kate White of the Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs on Prenatal Bonding/Conscious Pregnancy.  Click here to register.

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also be stressful. This presentation will show a one hour class for parents that covers ways you can teach about prenatal bonding to pregnant couples. It utilizes meditation, prenatal bonding exercises, and art. Previous classes will be reviewed and lessons learned discussed. The class is loosely based on the book Remembering Our Home: Healing Hurts & Receiving Gifts from Conception to Birth by William Emerson and Sheila, Dennis and Matthew Linn. Additional neuroscience and stories are integrated into the course.

March 20:  Chris McKee with Be Institute presenting The Importance of Fathers and Father-Baby Bonding.  Click here to register.

Why is the role of fathers an important topic? What are the blocks to fathers being as involved as mothers from the earliest stages of pregnancy? How can fathers create strong bonds from conception onwards? What if more fathers are involved from very early in the pregnancy onwards? Q&A

March 27:  Myrna Martin with the Kutenaii Institute presenting Prenatal Influences on Bonding and AttachmentClick here to register.

This webinar will outline the major prenatal influences on bonding and attachment between the embryo/prenatal and the family. We now understand from research in epigenetics that the family lineage has a profound impact on the embryo/fetus going four generations back. The experiences of our maternal and paternal grandmothers are directly involved in our prenatal development. Our human genome creates the sequence of our development and our pre conception, conception and prenatal experiences alter the quality of our development – brain, nervous system and all other body systems, and prepare us for the outside environment of our family. We will discuss strategies to support connection between the unborn and the family that are effective in mitigating toxic stress and metabolic changes.

Innovations in Prenatal and Perinatal Practice Lecture Series Monthly Lecture

March 15:  Our Capacity to Connect: Pre & Perinatal Influences on the Autonomic Nervous System and Adult Intimate Relationships with Sarah Theismann.  Click here to register.

​​Our earliest imprints from conception through the first year of life can affect how our whole being is shaped: Our physiology and health, personality formation, attachment style and also our sexuality. Birth and sexual intimacy are similar from a physiological, emotional and energetic perspective and we tend to play out our birth sequencing imprints in our intimate relationships. The foundations of our sexual preferences, ability to feel safe with our partners, capacity to generate, contain, and discharge energy through the autonomic nervous system in a dyadic context are all formed during this first developmental period. This presentation gives an overview of how our primary relationships can be affected by our pre and perinatal histories and how integrating these imprints can bring more ease, connection and safety to our adult intimate lives. ​


APPPAH offers Monday Live lectures to members, non-members, and students who wish to expand their knowledge of topics in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology.


2017 Schedule

January:  Psychological Theories

  • 2: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 9: Toward a Unified Theory of Memory with Thomas Verny, MD
  • 16: Psychotherapy with Infants with William Emerson. PhD
  • 23: Welcoming Consciousness: Principles, Questions, Answers with Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD

February:  PPN and Culture

  • 6: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 13: PPN and Gender with Chanti Smith, CPM, SEP and Elsa Asher, MS, CD(DONA)
  • 20: Making In Utero with Kathleen Gyllenhaal
  • 27: Accessing the Right Side of the Brain and Birth with Sandra Bardsley

March: Prenatal Learning, Bonding ~ Attachment

  • 6: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 13: Kate White, Prenatal Bonding/Conscious Pregnancy
  • 20:  Chris McKee, The Importance of Fathers and Father-Baby Bonding
  • 27:  Myrna Martin on Major Prenatal Influences on Bonding and Attachment 

April:  Labor and Delivery: Birth

  • 3: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 10:  About Connections, Consciously Preparing for Birth with Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson 
  • 17: Penny Simkin: If Birth Is Traumatic
  • 24: Understanding the Birth Sequence as an Imprint, Kate White

May:  Supported Attachment and Breastfeeding

  • 1: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 8: Distinguishing between Shock and Trauma, a special talk by William Emerson
  • 15:  The Sacred Hour with Raylene Phillips
  • 22:  Breastfeeding and Birth Trauma with Kathleen Kendall Tackett
  • 29:  Attachment and the Neonate with Kelduyn Garland

June:  Parenting Styles

  • 5: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
  • 12:  Rebecca Thompson-Hitt on Consciously Parenting
  • 19: Stephanie Dueger on Attachment
  • 26: Karen Melton: Parenting Begins Before Conception

July:  Implications and Inspiration

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  • Second and Third Mondays:  Content on the Module of the Month, powerpoints, guest speakers, content oriented question and answer
  • Fourth Monday:  Process oriented questions, student check in, embodiment practices, student presentations.
  • If there is a Fifth Monday in the month, we pause and relax.

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