Seeing Birth from Baby’s Perspective


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Class 1: Understanding the Baby's Experience

Welcoming Consciousness By Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD

The Baby's experience of Birth and Tools for Healing by Karen Strange, CPM

Understanding Early Imprints: Memory and The COnsious Baby

Class 2: Bonding, Attachment, Betrayal and the Trauma Imprint

The Impact of Betrayal on the Autonomic Nervous System by John Chitty

Seen, Heard and Felt: Supporting Mother-Baby and Partner by Rebecca Thompson Hitt

Infant Trauma, Breastfeeding and 15 Stress Vectors for Babies with Alison Hazelbaker

Class 3: Healing Early Developmental Trauma and the Impact of Trauma on Babies

Psychotherapy with Infants with William Emerson

The Neurophysiology and Developmental Trauma by Kathy Kain

Trauma-Informed Care from Baby's Perspective by Kate White

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This course is a collection of teachings brought together into an overview of birth psych. logy. Here' you'll find teachings by:

Wendy Ann McCarty, PhD

Karen Strange, CPM

John Chitty

Rebecca Thompson Hitt

Alison Hazelbaker

William Emerson

Kathy Kain

Kate White

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