APPPAH's Cultural

Inclusion Commitment


Cultural Inclusion Commitment


APPPAH’s vision is that families from ALL cultures - from conception through birth to postpartum - will have equitable access to support and education in having healthy pregnancy and birth experiences and in becoming conscious parents guiding, loving, and supporting conscious babies.


The mission of APPPAH’s Cultural Inclusion Committee is to address diversity across cultural communities including identities and experiences such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, ability, and immigration status.

We work with the awareness of

  • Intergenerational and collective trauma
  • Intersectional systems of oppression
  • Recognition of the imperative for decolonization.

We advocate and promote access to preventive and supportive services for families from diverse backgrounds.  We also advocate and promote access to education for underserved communities. APPPAH provides support and education, as well as preventative and reparative prenatal and perinatal health services for families that have historically been within oppressive and non-inclusive systems.


Cultural Inclusion Initiatives

 APPPAH’s Cultural Inclusion Committee is dedicated to:

Ensuring our education programs are inclusive and representative of all cultures and diverse communities

Providing a library of resources that serve specific cultures and needs

Providing a list of practitioners who serve the needs of diverse cultures

Develop scholarship opportunities to qualified individuals for membership and education.


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