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Member Record

Name Pamela Yenawine
Phone 5023865341
Location Name
City Louisville
State KY
Country United States
Practitioner Type
  • Craniosacral Therapist
  • Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Educator (PPNE)
Biography So often at multigenerational gatherings, I was always drawn to the babies. When no one else could get a baby to settle, I could. After a 17 year career as a French Teacher, and a flirtation with technology, I decided to pursue training in CranioSacral Therapy after having received it for 7 years and experiencing great benefit. My first pediatrics class included an exploration of pre-conception, conception, gestation, birth, and bonding and attachment. Wow - did I get a lot of information in one weekend. I also met a Doula for the first time and came home only to find a training workshop for douals being offered. Within a year someone told me about APPPAH and I joined (in 2003 I think) and have been a member ever since. I attended my first congress when the location moved to San Francisco and after 2 years, I was hooked so I followed the conference back to Asilomar in 2014, attending as one of the first class of Pre and PeriNatal Education Certification. It's as though I have been gestating in the womb of APPPAH for all these years and now APPPAH and I are working together to birth a new understanding and appreciation for this least understood aspect of life!
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