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Name Robyn Sheldon
Phone +27768886551
Location Name Business Address
City Stellenbosch
Country South Africa
Practitioner Type
Biography Robyn Sheldon designed the Soul Integration programme for connecting individuals to their innermost resources. Her work has been described as helping people to birth an expanded form of consciousness into their own worlds. It also assists pregnant parents to connect to the souls of their unborn babies. She is a director of The Compassionate Birth Project, which trains midwives in self-care and the development of self worth so as to minimise abusive treatment of women in labour. Incorporating modalities such as mindfulness, yoga nidra, massage, dance and singing, the Compassionate Birth Project aims to begin bringing the soul back into the maternity system Robyn has more than 25 years of in-depth experience in meditation practice. Her birth preparation classes assist parents to create sacred and meaningful births for themselves and their babies. The Soul Integration work around the birthing process is captured in her book, “The Mama Bamba Way”, which describes Robyn’s birthing philosophies andbrings her practice to thousands of parents across the world.
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