Member Record

Name Francis Larkin
Phone 01698264226
Location Name
City Motherwell
State GB-NLK
Country United Kingdom
Practitioner Type
  • Counselor
  • Energy Practitioner
  • Spiritual and Consciousness Coach
Biography Based in Scotland I work as a counselor/coach with a range of clients to explore deeply held beliefs, to work with childhood trauma and to effect change on a neurological level. My areas of study include the work of Frank Lake and St John of the cross. I am interested in the spiritual journey and in the profound jouney that we make in the world from conception onwards. I increasingly find that most clients' story begins at this stage. It has been my personal interest to research this as I have also worked through my own journey over the last 30 years. I live and work in Scotland and over the last 10 years we have made significant progress with a national conversation around ACEs. The recognition that early childhood trauma is essential to understanding our adult selves is thankfully now accepted and encouraged.
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