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Member Record

Name Gena McCarthy
Phone 510-685-6827
Location Name Birth spirituality and healing
City Richmond
State CA
Country United States
Practitioner Type
  • Community Organizer
  • Pre/Peri/Post Natal Psychotherapist
  • Registered Nurse
Biography Gena McCarthy is an RN and an EMDR certified perinatal psychotherapist. She educates about the spiritual and emotional needs of perinatal professionals and parents and practices which address those needs. She offers mentorship, certification programs and peer consultation circles for facilitators to offer services which apply these practices such as online Healing Birth Mother Renewal Workshops which is based on an effective perinatal healing model she developed. She is the founder and developer of the Birth Spirituality and Healing Network. She founded the Contra Costa County Perinatal Depression to Wellness Network and developed two local Perinatal Integrative Health Programs. She has been trained in cross cultural shamanic, Buddhist, Cherokee peacekeeping practices and perinatal psychology.
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