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Member Record

Name Veronique Mead
Phone (303) 246-1790
Location Name Chronic Illness Trauma Studies: : a blog for health care professionals and people living with chronic health conditions
City Longmont
State CO
Country United States
Practitioner Type
Biography If you have an autoimmune disease or other chronic illness, symptoms such as PTSD, depression or anxiety or other chronic health condition, you may have experienced risk from adverse events in early life. I'm a family doctor who retrained as a somatic psychotherapist, and specialize in trauma and chronic illness. I have learned through specialty training, helping clients heal effects of early events, and from having a chronic debilitating chronic illness of my own. Understanding the role of perinatal adversity, difficult events and attachment wounds from childhood and more have all helped me make sense of my disease and begin to recover. I blog about the research showing how events in the womb, childhood and in our parents’ lives influence our risk for chronic illness. And how addressing the effects of trauma can help us begin to heal. Join me. You’ll find the research, helpful tools for working with chronic illness, videos, a survey, free downloadable ebooks and more.
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