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Name Veronique Mead
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City Boulder
State Colorado
Country United States
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Biography Tumbling the Stone: a chronic illness blog I'm a former family doctor who retrained as a body based psychotherapist in order to learn what is possible in reversing chronic physical illness. I wanted to address underlying causes, rather than treating symptoms. I wanted to work with interactions between mind, body and emotions that I saw in clinic every day. I have been gradually developing a theory and a Chronic Illness Model. I retrained as a somatic psychotherapist (MA at Naropa in Boulder, CO); undertook in-depth multi-year trainings in pre and perinatal psychology (with Myrna Martin) and trauma (somatic experiencing and sensorimotor psychotherapy, which offer invaluable perspectives on risk as well as treatment approaches); and have been examining the scientific literature for 10+ years now. I've been looking at how research in the fields of trauma and early development make sense of chronic illness, and why it may be reversible. I also draw from personal experience with chronic fatigue and have been applying all of these concepts to my own life history, ancestry and personal process. This deeply personal experience, combined with years as a physician assisting women and families through pregnancy, labor and birth, have profoundly informed my perspectives on chronic illness. I am slowly making progress with my own debilitating chronic illness and have started a blog to share all the ideas, insights, challenges and research. It's called Tumbling the Stone. You can find me at Although I am not currently seeing clients or traveling due to my health, I've listed my current profession as "speaker," now that my primary voice is that of a Blogger in the field :-).
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