Member Record

Name Annelies Meuris
Location Name
City Wommersom
State BE-VBR
Country Belgium
Practitioner Type
Biography I’m a mom of 3 sons and I’m passionate about Attachment Parenting. I am a member of the board of an organization in Flanders, Belgium, that disseminates the AP ideology and brings AP mothers into contact with each other. I learned e.g. about Liedloff’s & Verny's ideas. I have personal experience with baby therapy based on Karlton Terry’s work. I followed a 2 day workshop from Anna Verwaal. I discovered Levine and Kline, followed 2 different weekend-workshops last year. For next year I have assigned in a 3 years training for Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Belgium. Currently I am totally focussed on trauma therapy and continuing my research by reading related literature. I have had a very broad education in Latin/Science, and I have a degree as Art Therapist. My dream is to become a Therapist that combines all the above visions, to work with children between 18 m and 12 y old. Body language, play movement and connection are key to offer support to children to heal their trauma.
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