Member Record

Name Fernanda Perez
Location Name
City Melbourne
State AU-VIC
Country Australia
Practitioner Type
  • Birth Doula
  • Postpartum Doula
Biography Hello, my name is Fernanda, 34 years old. I am originally from Mexico, but now living with my husband and doughter in Melbourne, Australia. My main career is Graphic Design, but coming to a new country not just change my lifestyle, it change even my way of thinking, my approach to life and career. It is amazing how life works and no matter the plans you have can be modified in a mysterious way. So I embrace my new path as a Doula ans then as a Mexican Traditional Postpartum Care. Three year ago, I became a mother and has been the most amazing journey. This soul came to show me so many things, and I been dying and rebirthing since then, nowing how I really am, nowing my lineage, my ancestors, receiving all kind of information in order to heal me. That's why I'm becoming part of PPNE to become more aware of information that we don't even know it exists in our cells ans be able to hold space of many other women.
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