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Member Record

Name Sophie Acott
Phone 8585681261
Location Name
City Encinitas
State CA
Country United States
Practitioner Type
  • Author/Speaker
  • Life Coach
Biography Sophie is a sleep consultant, parent coach, author, mom of four, and Founder of Sleep Play Love. With the parent-child connection at the heart of her approach, Sophie coaches and mentors families within a holistic framework; helping them to identify their own limiting patterns and triggers which inadvertently infiltrate the way they connect with their children, subsequently, the impact this has on a child’s sleep ability and behavior. She is passionate about educating parents about the “outside the square” influences that affect baby sleep - from prenatal – to birth and early childhood experiences, and emotional well-being of the family unit. For this reason, Sophie is grateful for the rich learning environment and resources offered by the APPPAH and the opportunity to further extend her knowledge of pre- and perinatal psychology by undertaking the PPNE educator program
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