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Name Vivien Sabel
Phone 07985085071 (UK)
Location Name Business Address
City Harrogate
State GB-NYK
Country United Kingdom
Practitioner Type
Biography My passion to support mental health is paramount but infant and child mental health and parental wellness are high priority for me. In 2012 I wrote and published my first book - The Blossom Method, the revolutionary way to communicate with your baby from birth. This book was written to encourage parents and professionals alike to connect with the language and communication of infants in order to promote secure attachment. In 2016 a piece of qualitative research into Parent-Infant Psychotherapy in the UK was completed. This research "A Journey to the Heart of Contemporary Parent-Infant Psychotherapy: An Interpretative Phenomenological Study highlights current UK and proposes a model of good practice in PIP. This research will be published in 2016-2017. In further support of child mental health Robot Meg She Lives in my Head - a therapeutic kid's book has been written and illustrated. Currently co-writing a book with Antonella Sansone covering Mother-Infant Connections. Passionate about access for all with a particular interest in Deaf Mothers and their babies. Born to a Deaf Mum and fluent in British Sign Language. For more information just email.
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