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Name elizabeth Carman
Phone 512 288 0042
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State TX
Country United States
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Biography Elizabeth Carman has been on lifelong spiritual quest of academic study, research, writing, teaching, and personal exploration of higher consciousness. Elizabeth’s interest in prebirth experiences began as a psychology major at Northern State University and graduating from Michigan State University (MSU). One of her MSU professors, Dr. Marian Kinget, a pioneer in the field of Humanistic Psychology, planted the seed in her to explore psychology and spirituality in a deeper way through peak experiences and higher consciousness rather than abnormal psychology of people with emotional and other illnesses. Her curiosity was further stimulated by new evidence of increased intelligence and inner peace—not by using drugs or hypnosis, but rather by a daily meditation practice she began in 1969 while at MSU. In the 1970s, after graduating from MSU with a BA in psychology, Elizabeth worked with low income and minority families in South Chicago for Cook County Department of Public Aid and later d
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