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Member Record

Name Manohar Croke
Phone 530-362-6908
Location Name Points of Light LLC
City Boulder
State CO
Country United States
Practitioner Type
Biography Manohar Croke, M.A., Diplomate Esogetic Holistic Medicine, is a psychotherapist, teacher and Director of the U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute. For over 25 years, she has taught and practiced a system of colored acu-light therapy known as Esogetic ColorpunctureTM. In her private practice, she weaves these light treatments with counseling or coaching according to the individual needs of each client. She regularly uses Esogetic Prenatal therapies to clear these imprints from the information/energy system and enable her clients to recontact their own unique soul-spirit information. Manohar recently published her book entitled “Energy Psychology Using Light and Color,” in which she introduces psychotherapists to this unique system of mindbody healing as a valuable adjunct tool for psychotherapeutic practice.
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