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Member Record

Name Paola Zuazua
Location Name
City München
State DE-BY
Country Germany
Practitioner Type
Biography I was born in Monterrey MX and I am the second of 3 children. During adolecense I started doing social service with children at schools and many years later when my son Kay was born I started getting contacted a lot to answer questions to parents regarding their babies and children. They also come to me regarding their feelings and fears from becoming parents. That drove me into a beautiful journey that brought me here now. Although the main driver on this journey has been my children, my first baby Andrea died from a heart disease at the age of 2 months. My son Kay was an early born and had a very difficult first years of his life. And I spend almost 5 months on an hospital bed on the pregnancy of my daughter Kim that after all she was born on week 37+ I wish I could have known much more back then, so I could have being able to avoid many of those difficulties, but above all to have help my children in a better way with a more conscious and connected mum...
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