Member Record

Name Jennifer Absey RN
Phone 818.704.5332
Location Name Calabasas CA
City Calabasas
State CA
Country United States
Practitioner Type
Biography Jennifer Absey RN has been practicing Craniosacral Therapy (CST) since 1989. Her practice encompasses the the needs of the birthing family, from preconception through all life stages. Prior to discovering CST, Jennifer was trained as massage therapist, attending births as labor support ( in the days before doulas), becoming a midwife assistant whilst studying nursing. She worked for a time as a high risk labor and delivery nurse. Her experience of births were on every level, from undisturbed births to the most complex of high risk pregnancies and subsequent births totaling about 350. " I truly love working with newborns and their families. Such a humbling and beautiful place to be. I am now working with the second generation of children with CST. Those young infants I had the privilege of working with are now having children of their own and the depth of their children's work is so amazing." Thank you.
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