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Member Record

Name Noemí Solano Espinosa
Phone +34.625.275.255
Location Name Fundación Instituto de la Inteligencia Libre
City Cartagena
State ES-MU
Country Spain
Practitioner Type
Biography Noemí Solano is the president & academic director of the Fundación Instituto de la Inteligencia Libre, a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain, where she is a consultant on the research project on linguistic innovation Atmósfera. Through this project, she researches the psicobiological, environmental, emotional, socio-educational and cultural factors linking the learning and acquisition of the mother tongue with the construction of the personal identity of the child from the pregnancy stage to the age of 9 years. She also co-leads high-specialised university programs whose main objective is to propose a conscious transformation of the society, beginning from the essential values and biological principles that preserve the singular character and the personal identity of the child, so as to guarantee the legitimate right of developing his/⁠her lifelong project through a new education paradigm starting before birth.
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