Member Record

Name Noemí Solano Espinosa
Phone +34.625.275.255
Location Name Fundación Instituto de la Inteligencia Libre
City Cartagena
State ES-MU
Country Spain
Practitioner Type
Biography Noemí Solano Espinosa is a linguist, holds a First Degree in Arts, in the section of English Philology, an advanced degree in German, a teacher training certificate and is specialized in the fields of hearing and language. Since 2012 Noemí Solano has served as the president and co-founder of the Fundación Instituto de la Inteligencia Libre ( Through this foundation she leads the Atmósfera Project which studies the internal and external factors of the human organism which influence on the development of the child´s creative personality and linguistic genious along her first 9 years of life. Mainly those external factors, as the child´s environment and the culture of welcome, that are the origin and development of thriving and sustainable societies. FIIL and APPPAH have signed an affiliation agreement and both institutions work closely to promote a holistic education aimed at the individual´s well-being and self-realization from the prenatal stage.
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