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Member Record

Name Sara Devoy
Phone 0872350900
Location Name Sara Devoy
City Rosscarbery
State IE-CK
Country Ireland
Practitioner Type
Biography I am a mother of three lively teenagers and live on a gorgeous Organic farm in West Cork Ireland. Back in 1990 the impact of my own birth experiences began to come to the fore as I was training to be a Polarity Therapist. IT was a long journey for me to heal the disconnect between myself and my mother. In 2015 I had the chance to be with her for the last weeks of her life. I cared for her and bonded with her during that time and as she drifted into death in my arms the circle was complete. From that moment I have felt a renewed impulse to deepen my personal work. I returned to study BCST at Karuna Institute and have had the good fortune to do a series of life enriching workshops with William Emerson. Life goes on but with a new lens. I have a practice here in Rosscarbery and look forward to tenderly accompanying people on their own life and birth explorations.
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