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First Name Last Name E-Mail City State Country Practitioner Type
Dorothy Mandel Santa Rosa CA United States
Firaya Mamlyutova Tbilisi Tbilisi Georgia
Barri Malek Brooklyn NY United States
MIlijana Majstorovic Kozul Belgrade RS-00 Serbia
  • Infant Massage Educator
  • Music Therapist
Anna Major Manhattan Beach CA United States
Mary Jane Maguire-Fong Sacramento CA United States
Professor Luisella Magnani Gazzada-Schianno Varese Italy
Nancy Lynch Williamstown VT United States
  • Birth Doula
  • Birth Process Facilitator
  • Childbirth Educator
Patricia Lucas Golden Valley Minnesota United States
Ofra Lubetzky Herzliyya Israel
Deborah Losada Albuquerque NM United States
  • Infant Mental Health Therapist
  • Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Educator (PPNE)
  • Pre/Peri/Post Natal Psychotherapist
Josie Lopez Riverside CA United States
Susana Lopes Valder√łya More og Romdal Norway
Eva Livingston Santa Clara UT United States
Marcella Lively Boulder CO United States
  • Author/Speaker
  • Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Educator (PPNE)
Bruce Lipton Santa Cruz CA United States
Zsuzsanna Liptakne Horvath Atlanta GA United States
Rupert Linder Birkenfeld DE-BW Germany
  • Author/Speaker
  • Obstetrician
  • Pre/Peri/Post Natal Psychotherapist
Catherine Lightfoot Martin Pahoa HI United States
  • Certified Professional Midwife
  • Energy Practitioner
Louise Lettre Quebec QC Canada
Katja Laukkanen Helsinki Finland
Michael LaFerney Lakeville MA United States
Rumyana Kudeva Cheney WA United States
Kalliopi Kremastioti Xalandri GR-AT Greece
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