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First Name Last Name E-Mail City State Country Practitioner Type
Kurt Bischofberger Loerrach Baden-Württemberg Germany
Lanie Anderson Boone North Carolina United States
Larissa Sanchez Campinas São Paulo Brazil
Laura Centorrino Ashland Oregon United States
Laura Salerno Franca São Paulo Brazil
Laura Ricketts Cross Junction Virginia United States
Laura Vladimirova Ridgewood New York United States
Laurel Brant Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada
Lauren Brown Concord Massachusetts United States
Lauren Dodds Alexandria Virginia United States
Lauren Dill Sturgis Michigan United States
Lauren Matthews Venice California United States
Laurie Schwartz NEW YORK New York United States
Laurie Vallee-Dallaire Val-Morin Quebec Canada
Lavena Fisette Woodbine GA United States
LaWanda Andrews-Nottage Spartanburg South Carolina United States
Lea Minton Hauula Hawaii United States
Lea Ann Goettsch San Antonio Texas United States
Lena Richardson Vancouver BC Canada
Leslie Butterfield Seattle Washington United States
Letícia Andrade Rio de Janeiro BR-RJ Brazil
Leubgythe (Nancy) Holm Bothell Washington United States
Lillian Medhus Fremont California United States
Linda Rogers Los Angeles United States
Lindsey Mathews Ventura California United States
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