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First Name Last Name E-Mail City State Country Practitioner Type
Beatriz Beible Carlsbad CA United States
Bonnie Hudson Richlands NC United States
Alyssa Dye Turlock CA United States
Deborah Meggitt Burnsville Minnesota United States
Melissa Wong Hayward CA United States
Pramudika Hapsari Yogyakarta Indonesia
Heather Briggs Oakland CA United States
Karen McNeil Melbourne Victoria Australia
Rishivandhiyaa Balasubramanian HASSAN Karnataka India
Nicole Deggins New Orleans Louisiana United States
Ranka Skak-Nielsen Dragør Denmark
Kandria Williams Los Angeles CA United States
Nicholas Kasovac Seattle WA United States
Camile Cholger Sacramento CA United States
Shirley Hernandez West Covina CA United States
Josie Lopez Riverside CA United States
John Chitty Boulder Colorado United States
Darcia Narvaez South Bend Indiana United States
Lauren Matthews Venice CA United States
Anna Sebestyén Budapest Budapest Hungary
Susana Lopes Valderøya More og Romdal Norway
Ann-Jeanett Foldager, psychologist (cand.psych.) Birkerød Denmark
Jamie Crockett Silver City NM United States
Cheryl Romano Riverside CA United States
Firaya Mamlyutova Tbilisi Tbilisi Georgia
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