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APPPAH Live: Exploring Birth Psychology- Biological Nurturing with Suzanne Colson PhD, MSc, BA, Retired Midwife & Joelle Colson BSc, BA

Biological Nurturing: 20 years on...  Research Findings and Clinical Applications Widespread breastfeeding protocols, introduced in the 1980s, mandate teaching mothers correct positioning and attachment skills. These instructions activate thinking which suppresses maternal innate breastfeeding wisdom. Concurrently, although breastfeeding rates of initiation have increased, rates for breastfeeding duration have stagnated, remaining well below the WHO recommendations.  […]

APPPAH Live: Exploring Birth Psychology- Brain Waves and Altered States of Consciousness with Whapio Diane Bartlett, Independent Midwife

Brain Waves and Altered States of Consciousness            Brain wave research shows clearly that newborns do not share the state of ordinary reality that adults, and even younger children, experience. Awareness and understanding of our brain wave patterns- from Beta to Delta- will optimize our ability to connect with the youngest group of people on our […]