The Science of the MotherBaby Bond

Friday, January 18, 2013


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The Science of the MotherBaby Bond

Based on the concepts in best-selling book, The Greatest Pregnancy Ever

By Laurel Wilson, IBCLC, CCCE, CLE, CLD, CPPFE

3 Contact Hours provided by CAPPA.

Jan 18, 2013 6pm-9:00pm $45

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Unlock the secrets of the internal world of mother’s and babies during pregnancy. Learn about how you can help support families to optimize their health and the long-term health and happiness of their babies.

Has anyone ever told you that you can get to know your baby and bond with her before she is even born?
Do you know that your baby’s personality is shaped by your emotions, stress levels, and environment during pregnancy?
Are you looking for ways to address the physical challenges in pregnancy that don’t require prescriptions?
Are you aware that starting in pregnancy you can help your baby develop positive relationships with the important people in your life?

Part One:

The Science of the Mother-Baby Connection

by Laurel Wilson, IBCLC, CCCE, CLE, CLD

Co-Author of The Greatest Pregnancy Ever, Executive Director of CAPPA Lactation Programs, and Customer Advocate for InJoy Birth and Parenting.

2.0 hours

The internal world of the mother and child is now known to be a strong influence in the behavior and personality of a child. Emerging science is focusing on this crucial prenatal and early postpartum period and how the emotional experience of the mother has a lot to do with who babies turn out to be. Gone are the days when professionals need to teach moms about the aches and pains of pregnancy and medical intervention; what is needed today is an understanding of how the motherbaby connection forms the dynamic of the family.
Chronic stress in mothers leads to babies who cry more, sleep less, and are anxious.

A mother’s thoughts create chemical signals that literally form her baby’s brain and lead to a happy or anxious child.

At no other time in their child’s life do parents influence who that child will be, both emotionally and physically, than during pregnancy and the first years of a child’s life.

The science that related to the mother baby bond – epigenetics basic intro
What we know about genes/DNA
Consciousness of baby
Chemistry of stress and love
Effects of stress on baby, pregnancy and mother.


a. Students will be able to explain what epigenetics is and why the emotional and physical prenatal experience is key to happy, healthy development of a child.
b. Students will identify at least 2 negative outcomes of chronic stress on pregnancy and the developing baby.
c. Students will be able to define neuropeptides and identify their importance in the prenatal period.
d. Students will be able to define what the EQ is, emotional quotient, and give one reason why it is so important to the long term health of a child.

Part Two:

Consciousness and the MotherBaby Bond

1.0 Hours

Becoming conscious is becoming self-aware, aware of our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings shape daily lives, affecting our health, interpersonal relationships, stress levels and the growth of our babies. Studies show that our beliefs and attitudes have a direct impact on our overall health. From the moment of conception throughout the pregnancy, the mother’s every thought, action, and experience changes the personality and health of the baby. This session discusses concrete things that healthcare providers can do to help families improve the motherbaby connection.

Key Concepts to be developed:

Self awareness
Healthy Boundaries
Conscious agreement
Empowerment vs. Guilt


Students will define self-awareness and describe how it impacts pregnancy.
Students will define conscious agreement and explain the primary way it is different from informed consent.
Students will be able to give 2 reasons creation of healthy boundaries with interpersonal relationships of the pregnant is so crucial to the healthy development of the baby.
Students will e able to list at least 2 way they can successfully work with clients to encourage conscious agreement and self-awareness during pregnancy.

Part 3:

Questions and Answers