Above me a source
beams life toward me.
I listen and watch
drawn more and more
by this joyous force,
Its radiant light.
It seems that it
wants my attention,
as if to say:

"I am your friend.
I invite you
to join me.
I can show
how you, too,
can do
what I can.
You can be
like I am."

I hesitate,
not knowing
if I am able to join
the energetic friend.
I need more time,
more strength.
I need to grow.

The beaming source
continues to prompt me:


Now I will.
I feel more energy,
more confidence.
I am ready.
I gather all my strength.
A flame engulfs me and
I leap toward my friend.
I savour the new experience:
the surge
the flame,
the leap.
I try again
and again
and soar
and join my new friend.

We embrace
and start to dance
turning to the left.
My friend teaches me
how to keep in step.
We whirl and celebrate
our friendship.

I have learned the step
and now return
and try it on my own.
I strike a spark
but cannot jump.
Again I strike,
a stronger flame
and succeed, jump.
Another spark, another
spark-jump, spark-jump...
in rhythmic harmony.
I delight in my skill.
Grateful to my friend
I relax.

Now I hold my own flame.
It gives me courage
to face every task
with confidence.

I shall try
my new-found power.
Right now
I need to move,
to find a larger place
to my growth.
I feel the flame
and courage
and I use it
and descend...
Successful, I have found
a new place,
more room to spread.

The power of the flame
will help me do
all I need to do
in my life ahead.

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